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If you're looking for beautiful, seamless, and full, healthy looking hair, you've come to the right place! I am so ready and excited to make this happen for you! 

Hand-tied extensions, no matter the method, utilize a mix of beads and thread to seamlessly adhere to your head. SEAMLESS. Yes, you read that right! No one will believe this isn't your natural hair.  That is, unless you want them to. They are as close to invisible as you are ever going to get with extensions! With this method, you can wear hair up or down and still keep your secret, (If that's your thing, we've got you covered! We won't tell a soul.). However,  If you want to scream from the rooftops how much you LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR, we are all about sharing that excitement with you!  

The hair we use is 100% Remy human hair. This method is completely customizable to each client. Depending on your desired look, adding length or simply fullness, we choose the number of rows needed, wefts needed, and the color to ensure a seamless blend. No two heads will be the same! 

First-time clients can expect to invest $300-$1500 This investment covers the hand-tied hair extensions, installation, seamless color, cut, and style. There is a $300.00 non-refundable retainer to secure an appointment for the install.   

Maintenance and upkeep investment:   

*We require you to use the b3 Extension repair shampoo and conditioner.  This comes in your extension "goodie bag" at your installation visit. We always have this ready and in stock for you at the salon! It is the best out there to keep your new hair in pristine condition!

*Retightening maintenance every 4-8 weeks! 

*Replace hair as needed in 6-18 months depending on your care of the extensions. 

*Average maintenance appointments $100-$250 depending on how many rows you have

*Once hair is purchased, the sale is final. 

Are you ready?  Do you want to experience the most gentle and natural-looking hair extension method?  Are you ready for all of the magic info?  If the answer is "yes," click the "Apply Now" button below to get started on your amazing hair journey! 

Not quite there yet? Need more questions answered? No problem at all!  I'm here to answer all the questions and ease any of your worries!


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